Photo by Matthew Sever

Little Brave is the alias of Stephanie Macias Gibson, a musician, artist, photographer, and writer from Austin, TX.  Born on the gulf of Texas, she spent her formative years becoming an artist of all trades.  She received a degree in photography, paints portraits, and pens lyrics, poetry, and fiction.

She is currently peddling her latest release, Myth Ology, a double disc EP with exceptional artwork and packaging.

Stephanie is also working on a collection of poetry and a novel.  She has had several poems published in 2017-2018.

"Little Brave's music exhibits some form of intensity that you don't hear all over the place...  It's intense because it's so individual.  It's so personal and it really seems to be coming from a place that people just don't let other people see all that often.  It's emotional.  It's naked... It's calling for blood...."